Final Grades

     It’s almost the end of the school year.  You might have kids and grandkids in school.  Some of you are probably in school, working on a degree.   And some, like myself, are teachers.  Whichever […]

I Can Only Imagine

     “I Can Only Imagine.”  I loved this song when it came out.   Now the Christian movie by the same name has been released.  In my Spring movie review “tradition,” I would like to recommend […]


     As I’ve watched the Winter Olympics the past two weeks, a good word to describe their hopes, their dreams, their goals, their wants, their attainment, their achievement is aspire.  While I’ve never had lofty […]

Give Out of Poverty

     Give Out of Poverty.   I saw that saying on social media.  Give out of poverty?  What?! Rather than thinking, aww, what a nice sentiment, I felt a flash of anger.       Lord, really?  Have […]

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Unlike the popular U2 song, this is a story of finding what you’re looking for.  Awhile back, I wrote about doing my DNA testing for fun.  Then, I “met” a DNA cousin match online.  As […]

Thanksgiving Blessings

     I’m blessed.  Every year my blog falls on or near the Thanksgiving holiday.  As I write this, praise music is playing in the background.      Recently, I read another history lesson about Thanksgiving.  The […]

When Homelessness Hits Home

     I’m not ready for that, I thought, in response to our guest speaker from Vineyard San Diego, who spoke last weekend of bringing homeless people into her home to eat and have a place […]

One Woman’s Story: Breast Cancer Awareness

     I didn’t want to write this blog.  But I had to.   If it motivates or encourages even one Vineyard lady, then it’s worth it.       As you know, October is breast cancer awareness month.  […]

Telling My Mountain How Big My God Is

     My summer vacation has been a blur.  First, toe surgery in June, thankfully paid for by Uncle Sam’s tax returns.  Then, a death in the family in July.  Now, a medical crisis in August.  […]

What’s on My Mind?  DNA

     If this were a facebook post, “what’s on my mind?” would be DNA.  Yes, DNA.  Recently, my grandson asked me, “what’s a DNA cousin?”  He overheard me mentioning my DNA cousins in the car.  […]