I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Unlike the popular U2 song, this is a story of finding what you’re looking for.  Awhile back, I wrote about doing my DNA testing for fun.  Then, I “met” a DNA cousin match online.  As […]

Thanksgiving Blessings

     I’m blessed.  Every year my blog falls on or near the Thanksgiving holiday.  As I write this, praise music is playing in the background.      Recently, I read another history lesson about Thanksgiving.  The […]

When Homelessness Hits Home

     I’m not ready for that, I thought, in response to our guest speaker from Vineyard San Diego, who spoke last weekend of bringing homeless people into her home to eat and have a place […]

One Woman’s Story: Breast Cancer Awareness

     I didn’t want to write this blog.  But I had to.   If it motivates or encourages even one Vineyard lady, then it’s worth it.       As you know, October is breast cancer awareness month.  […]

Telling My Mountain How Big My God Is

     My summer vacation has been a blur.  First, toe surgery in June, thankfully paid for by Uncle Sam’s tax returns.  Then, a death in the family in July.  Now, a medical crisis in August.  […]

What’s on My Mind?  DNA

     If this were a facebook post, “what’s on my mind?” would be DNA.  Yes, DNA.  Recently, my grandson asked me, “what’s a DNA cousin?”  He overheard me mentioning my DNA cousins in the car.  […]

Thankful for Small Things

     I’m thankful for my toes.  Yep, my toes.  After enduring months of toe pain followed by surgery, I realized what a great thing they are!      It’s easy to be thankful for big things—a […]


Endings      It’s a month of endings; school’s out, graduations are here, and Spring weather is a fond memory.  We have so many expressions for endings:  Happy Endings Surprise Endings The End’s in Sight End […]

The Case for Christ

     It’s time for another movie night out.  “The Case for Christ,” (IMBD 2017, PG) is based on the book written by Chicago journalist Lee Strobel in 1998.  Strobel was an avowed, self-proclaimed atheist.  He […]

Inside Outside

     As I pulled out of the parking space after a wonderful Christian women’s conference, I heard a loud, angry horn blast, as another driver sped past me.  “Wow.  Some Christian you are, lady!” I […]