When Trouble Comes

I was especially grateful for Pastor Brian’s message this weekend, “God’s Purpose in My Problems”.  Growing up I believed that if I lived “right” and always made good decisions, I would never experience problems in life. After all, I loved Jesus and He wouldn’t let anything bad happen to me right? Problems were bad, and if I experienced problems it was because I was bad, or I made a bad decision.

With that mindset, it’s not surprising that my younger self didn’t cope well with problems. I either ran the other way, fought or rebelled against them, buried my head in the sand in denial, or I crumbled underneath the weight of them. Why me Lord? Why?

Back then, trouble always seemed to catch me off guard. Could I trust God in my trouble? Would he really work things out for good? What if I cried for help and he didn’t answer? Would I survive? Because In the midst of the trial, I only felt fear and I didn’t believe that I would.

Flash forward to my grown-up self; a bit more experienced and mature. I’ve survived a few trials and have learned I can trust the Lord. Jesus loves me. He cares about my troubles, and he will never leave nor forsake me.

Problems are a part of life. Trouble knocks, and it still catches me by surprise sometimes, but the biggest difference between me and my younger self is; I don’t run or hide from trouble. I cry out in faith, trusting that Jesus hears my prayers. In the end, I know that something beneficial will come from it (James 1:2-8).  

If you weren’t able to make it to church and missed the message, it will be posted online soon. It’s part of the Essential Equipment for Life series and I encourage you to watch. It’s another great message!


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Pastor Brian’s message as well. Who would have thought, after all, that problems would be essential equipment?

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