The Perspective of Our Circumstances

Have you ever gone back to your high school or childhood home and been shocked to discover how small everything seemed? At the time, was your perception of the world and how successful you were at being in it, based on your circumstances?  

Perspective is important. Our decisions and how we live our lives are based on how we see things. In that sense, perspective is often even more important than reality.

As believers in Jesus, we frequently quote or paraphrase Romans 8:28, “God causes everything to work together for good.” The idea that God can bring good out of the worst of circumstances is an important truth. Isaiah 55 points us to the idea that God’s ways and thoughts are beyond us. He sees things from a higher perspective.

From a higher altitude, you can see a lot farther than from the ground. You can also see things you would never see otherwise. When we look at our lives from this vantage point, the truths of Isaiah 55 and Romans 8:28 begin to mesh. When times are hard, we immediately want to know why, so that we can make sense of our circumstances and move on, but God sees from a far more distant place called eternity.

Our lives and our circumstances blend together, culminating into a beautiful journey with God. Nothing is wasted, and nothing is unimportant to God. Quick explanations of what we’ve experienced or what we’re going through will always be inadequate to the larger spiritual meaning of our journey. God is creating something original with our lives; something of eternal significance that will only be apparent to us once we’ve come to the end of it.

Consider the higher vantage point when taking your life into perspective. There’s a lot more going on than you can ever imagine.

Happy Sunday!


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