What A Difference Being Friendly Makes…

I wanted to share the following excerpt from what one of the Women’s Care Group Leaders recently sent to me. I found it so encouraging!

I’ve been trying to say hello to one or two people I don’t know before service begins, just to welcome them and I saw a woman alone. I introduced myself and told her I had a small group and invited her.

During the invitation to accept the Lord that Sunday, her 10 year old son accepted Jesus so I went and prayed with them and took her to the info area but the bibles we give for free aren’t geared to kids so I took her to the bookstore and asked Patty to direct me to best bible for his age group so they choose one and he hugged me! She said she’d see me Tuesday at group. She didn’t come, but emailed me last night and said can she come next Tuesday and bring 4 ladies from work?!!

 Then another gal who has been coming since transformation, (I’m so proud of her- she is a volunteer now in Children’s ministry.) I invited her and she’s been committed and now she is getting baptized, and her two kids, and the big praise is her mother, who has struggled with drug addiction, also stood up Sunday.  She was the first one at the 11a.m. service to jump up before Brian told them to, and she’s going to be baptized. And her Aunt has been coming to our group, and she’s going to be baptized along with her 19- year- old granddaughter! God is so good!

I am humbled by all that God does in spite of me and my shortcomings! He is so loving! I wanted to share these stories with you because we need to know how much God is doing behind the scenes and in simply welcoming and reaching out is all it took to trigger or open the door of love and the Holy Spirit moving in hearts and minds!!

What an amazing Story of God’s Goodness!

I am inspired to be more friendly before and after services. Sometimes, it is the simple things which make the most difference.



Author: Thora Anderson

Pastor, wife, daughter, sister, friend, Recovering worrier, Thinker, Mother of two teenagers. I've been in ministry for over 30 years and count that as huge success.

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  1. A third wow from me! I love the part of the letter that expresses the leader’s joy about seeing God at work despite her shortcomings. I think we all can identify with those feelings. Kudos to her. She’s truly an inspiration! And thank you, Thora, for sharing this wonderful letter with us.

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