The Sound of the Master’s Voice

John 10:3 says, “…The sheep hear his voice, and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.”  And John 10:5, “A stranger they will not follow, but they will flee from him, for they do not know the voice of strangers.”

We got a dog this year—a puppy–and she knows our voices.   Wow.  What a lot of training is involved.

We even hired a dog trainer because we were going crazy with this puppy who seemed to poo and pee at every turn. She lacked common sense.

Well, Candy, (our Maltipoo) now comes when we call her name, “Candy Come.” You can even say it softly and she comes running to us.  She recognizes the voice of her master.

Now, I thought, am I listening for my Master when He calls out to me?  Sometimes I am so busy I don’t think I hear Him.  I get distracted…like Candy digging away for something that is not worth it.

I also wonder if God thinks about me the way I think about Candy.  I mean seriously, when will she stop pooping in the house?  When is she going to totally “get it” and stop making messes?  I get pretty frustrated with her.

I wonder how God thinks when I mess up…is it like finding poop on the carpet?  Better? Worse?  Does He wonder if I will ever stop messing up?

I don’t know, but thinking of how gracious God is with me, makes me feel a bit more gracious toward Candy.  (Although I really wish she would get this poop thing down.)

Bless you if you are a dog owner.  I never knew how much work it is.



Author: Thora Anderson

Pastor, wife, daughter, sister, friend, Recovering worrier, Thinker, Mother of two teenagers. I've been in ministry for over 30 years and count that as huge success.

2 thoughts on “The Sound of the Master’s Voice”

  1. Lol! I think sometimes when I do stupid things God smacks his hand to his forehead in exasperation. Great illustration.

  2. We also learned that we don’t have to yell to our dogs for them to listen to us. God is so gentle, He whispers in our ears. We just need to learn how to listen.

    Loved the illustration!

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