Whose Your Daddy?

As you may or may not know, October is breast cancer awareness month. Various organizations show their support of this worthy cause by displaying pink during the month and sponsoring charity events to raise awareness […]

Propaganda or Promises

It’s happened again. I should know better from past experiences. Somehow I actually believed with all my heart that the little wand really would give me younger looking skin and magically erase my under eye […]

The BIGNESS Of A Small Group

When we first joined the Vineyard seven years ago, I must admit my husband and I weren’t anxious to join a small group. It’s so much easier to attend a church and remain anonymous and […]

Mountains or Mole Hills?

As believers, most of us go through seasons of testing in our walk with Christ. The Bible tells us we will have trials and tribulations in this lifetime. (Yep, I can attest first-hand to that.) […]