Stop, Drop and Roll

To date, motherhood remains one of the toughest, most challenging “jobs” I’ve ever had. I have three adult children but I’m still a “hands-on” kind of mother. I’m not with them every day, nor do […]


The longer I have walked with God the more I realize that God has the long-term plan figured out and as I walk with him daily I can trust Him to keep me on the […]

Stinky Feet

I’ve been told I have ugly feet. I know, I know, this is not what you expected to hear first thing in the morning.  But, according to my sources my feet are quite ugly, not […]

Single Mom’s Spa Day -May,21st 2011

I have been a part of our wonderful for church for 3 years in June. My husband, 4 sons and I moved from Bristol, England where we spent 4 years as Pastors with the Bristol Vineyard.

You Will Not Be Forgotten

When my third child was born, my oldest was three.  And they were all active boys!  My husband and I were outnumbered and my life was completely up-ended.  For the next three years, I couldn’t […]

You Are Uniquely Gifted

This past weekend Brian taught about our gifting and serving in the church. I’d like to look at that a little more. A number of years ago when I did a study on Spiritual Gifts […]