Choosing Peace

“Although my world may not be stable, I can be stable in it.” I read that statement in a counseling book years ago and it has always stuck with me.  To say that the world […]

Peace On Earth

I saw a Christmas card offering blessings of peace to the whole world. It was lovely. All Christmas sentiments are. It’s wonderful to desire peace, joy, and hope in this season and always. But when […]

Finding Peace in a World of Stress

I’ve been thinking about peace lately…not only how to find it, but how to keep it, because, let’s face it, the world today is not designed to bring us the kind of peace that brings […]

A Wink and a Prayer

Sitting in a darkened movie theater I was unable to focus my attention because I was worried about whether I’d remembered to close my garage door when I left the house. I was also troubled […]


Diamonds! They are one of God’s most beautiful and inspirational creations. Though they sparkle and shine bright diamonds don’t start out that way; however given enough pressure and time the stone becomes spectacular!!! It is […]


I love the holidays! I love decorating, the preparation, the menu options and all the events that go along with the season! Having said this, life has happened! Three months ago we moved into a new […]

Runaway Train

“That’s weird.” As I went through prior years’ tax records and other financial papers, I found my last Social Security earnings statement.  It’s dated January 2011.  I used to get them annually so why haven’t […]


I love sitting outside to greet the morning in spring. The sunshine and breeze perfectly complimenting each other and the temperature fresh; the sounds of nature awakening in the morning are so peaceful. I hear […]

God Makes the Best Shoes

I like how my feet look in a cute pair of shoes. I’m quite partial to a peep-toe. But as cute as I think my feet look in a peep-toe, I know God isn’t always […]