Everyday I’m Puzzlin’

I LOVE jigsaw puzzles. I used to do them once in a while but I really got into them when I was sent home from work in March of last year as the pandemic lockdown […]

Pretending Friendly

Recently I heard someone say something that kinda stuck with me.  After a few days of this thought running through my mind I think I’m finally ready to hash it out here, on the blog.  […]

Love is Patient I Cor 13

Do you really love me? Love has evidence. Among many things, Love is patient. Bible stories show us patient love through relationships- friendships, marriages, and parental love. I learned through relationships that love is patient. […]

Be Kind, It’s the Nice Thing to Do…

On Christmas day last year we took our son out to IHOP for dinner since no one felt like cooking, and we had a very pleasant time visiting with him. The place was packed, of […]

Stinky Feet

I’ve been told I have ugly feet. I know, I know, this is not what you expected to hear first thing in the morning.  But, according to my sources my feet are quite ugly, not […]

Letting Go!

I’m a fixer. You know the kind of person who has the great need to fix a situation, a relationship, and a problem no matter what. However some things just cannot be fixed! Learning to […]

True Identity

Last October, we were blessed to have a Leadership Conference at our Vineyard with a special appearance by Phil Strout – Our National Director of Vineyard USA. He is an excellent speaker and I immediately […]

Time Outs Aren’t Just for Kids

I’m supposed to be writing a blog. At the moment, I am staring at the computer screen and wondering what I should say. Perhaps I should be dramatic and flamboyant, thrilling any would-be readers with […]

Conflict Resolution

Just the word conflict makes me cringe. I am a person who enjoys peace. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is part of the beatitudes, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be […]

While I’m Waiting

Are you good at waiting? I think that at my memorial service, several good things might be said of me:  That I had honestly loved God and my family, that I was a hard worker, […]