Think This, Not That

I saw a post on Facebook today that said “7 Things to Give Up.”  Here is the list: People Pleasing Doubting Yourself Negative Thinking Fear of Failure Criticizing Yourself Saying Yes When You Want to […]

I’m not a Box…

Growing up I always wanted to be someone else.  I wanted to be prettier, smarter, thinner, more outgoing, more…well…anything else that wasn’t me. It didn’t help that the world around me agreed with me.  From […]

Are You Crunchy?

I woke up the other morning angry. I don’t really know why, other than I faintly remember being in the midst of an angry dream. I’m not quite sure what I was dreaming about, but […]

Be Kind, It’s the Nice Thing to Do…

On Christmas day last year we took our son out to IHOP for dinner since no one felt like cooking, and we had a very pleasant time visiting with him. The place was packed, of […]

Letting Go!

I’m a fixer. You know the kind of person who has the great need to fix a situation, a relationship, and a problem no matter what. However some things just cannot be fixed! Learning to […]

Have you ever had a bad day?

I mean a really truly bad day, where from the moment your eyes popped open in the morning until you lay your head to rest at night everything and anything that could go wrong went […]

Keeping it Real in Our Imaginary World

Sometimes I think that we Christians tend to live in a bubble of our own making.  We view life through rose-colored glasses of our own design, especially if we’ve been living for God for any […]

His Grace

I was reflecting this morning on my journey of faith throughout the years. I came to Christ when I was 15 years old and I never could have imagined the opportunities, places, people and experiences […]

It’s all a matter of perspective…

I want to share something revolutionary with you today. It’s something that has changed my perspective on life.  It’s more than a mantra, or feelings of good will.  It’s better than a 12-step program or […]

Is God a self-serve buffet line?

When I first began this walk with God I found my life revolutionized.  In a single moment my life was turned upside down, old addictions and patterns were broken, and I eagerly threw myself into […]