I love sitting outside to greet the morning in spring. The sunshine and breeze perfectly complimenting each other and the temperature fresh; the sounds of nature awakening in the morning are so peaceful. I hear […]

By Faith!

While reading my devotional this morning in Exodus I see God’s guidance in my life in such a similar way. I came out of Egypt – out of sin and slavery – but my journey […]

Find Your Own Calcutta

Find Your Own Calcutta Mother Teresa worked tirelessly year after year with the poorest of the poor of Calcutta.  When reading about her, I was intrigued by her response to people who begged to join […]

Does Being a Giving Person Make You Live Longer?

Give More to Live More It’s no secret that people with a strong social support system tend to live longer.   I’ve read that in articles numerous times.  However, it turns out that it’s not what […]

What is in your hand?

Life is filled with “Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda” moments. It’s those moments that leave us with regret. The years we chose to be lazy rather than digging deep and working hard at something. The words we […]

Go the Distance!

The true test of endurance does not come when we are comfortably sitting on the Lazy Boy without a worry in the world. No, the test comes when we are faced with what seems impossible; […]

Be Quiet and Wait

All of us have lived long enough to know what a broken heart feels like; we understand the feeling when disappoint pounds loudly on our door;  we realize the great sorrow it is to say […]

You Are Stronger Than You Know

I recently had a birthday. Not a huge one, but it was still a great day. Well honestly, any day that I get presents is a good day! The next day was awful, and the […]

Choose well

I recently had a conversation with a young Christian woman. She was beautiful in appearance, extremely intelligent and capable; however, the more we conversed, the more I realized there was a huge problem. Her life […]

Conflict Resolution

Just the word conflict makes me cringe. I am a person who enjoys peace. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is part of the beatitudes, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be […]