This has been a rough season.  We have had a few church members die of COVID-19 and many in the hospital.  I get uneasy now anytime I hear someone has gone to the hospital.  I so want things to change.  I hate that Arizona has had such horrible numbers.

Man, how I wish things were different.  But…they are not.  One thing is still the same.  God is still God and He is good, and He has been in control of our destiny this whole time.

God was in control when the Israelites were slaves.  He was still God when Herod called for the killing of male Hebrew babies.  God was still God during the slaughter of Jews in WWII and during genocides in Croatia/Serbia and Rwanda.

We do not get to choose our situations.  (I wish I could!)  We do not get to choose the time period we live in…or that our kids grow up in.  (Our daughter, Zoe, has had her entire senior year during COVID-19 so far.)  We only get to choose how we react.  How we react to other people. How we react to God.  Are we are still being the body of Christ.  Are we still being Salt and Light to others.

Of course, I would choose the life of Jabez over the life of …say Anne Frank, but that is not my choice.

John Wimber, the late leader of the Vineyard Movement used to say, “We are coins in God’s pockets, and He can spend us however He wants.  He can spend us on Bubble Gum, or He can spend us on Caviar.”   I would choose to spend myself on a nice Cambozola cheese probably.  But…it is not my choice.

So, we press on.  We persevere.  We choose to move forward with the Lord in the situation He has planted us in, and we try to make the best of it and try also to help others.

Stand firm.  God is Faithful.

Hang in there!


Author: Thora Anderson

Pastor, wife, daughter, sister, friend, Recovering worrier, Thinker, Mother of two teenagers. I've been in ministry for over 30 years and count that as huge success.

8 thoughts on “Loss”

  1. Hello Thora. Thank you for the inspiring message. I am in my last year for my undergrads and going through a tough time in one of my courses. Your message is a reminder that we all go through hardship but it is important to know how we will react to those hardships when they arrive.


  2. Thank you for this timely message. No matter how we feel, we know in our hears that God is in control and He is good.

  3. So grateful that He is still in control, even in times like these. What a blessing to know Him and know this truth.

  4. God is good all the time. Thank God He is in control. Keep praying to Him. He knows our needs. Great message, thank you Thora.

  5. I’ve lost so many friends and families since October and still feel like I’m spinning however God I’d good and will praise Him in the storm

  6. That saying of John Wimber’s has carried me so many times! My life and situation is completely in God’s hands and I care find rest in that. Such good word, and so timely, Thora. Thank you.

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