One Message

It seems as though we are all saying the same thing in different ways, I believe it is because God has a united message for His people to hear right now.

“I am still on the throne. I am still in control. I am never caught off-guard.”

Who are we to be afraid when God is who He is?

I will be brief because I believe that what we need right now isn’t more words, we need the presence of God to empower us to yield to Him and to walk in His peace. Jesus is Lord!!!

I have attached two worship songs below. Let us approach the throne and worship our Father, Almighty God of the Universe. Remember He inhabits the praises of His people. Snuggle up in His presence and be with Him.    I surrender by Hillsong Worship      Do it again, by Elevation Worship


Author: Ayse Miller Bol

I am in love with the LORD my God and Jesus, and am Grateful He never gave up on me! I am a wife, mama, grandma, and semi-retired teacher. Love cooking, history, science, and travel. I especially enjoy all of them together, my hobby is studying cultures and beliefs through cooking. I also like word studies in the bible, and biblical history via geography and archaeology.

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  1. Thanks Alyse for these wonderful songs. Praise does lift the spirit of heaviness and keeps my focus on God’s love & strength.

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