10 Affirmations for Women in Christ

Do you ever have days where you just need a good reminder? Or maybe a couple good reminders? When you just kind of lose track of your identify and what you’re really working towards. I know I do, and remembering I’m rooted in Christ always helps. This picture is a beautiful reminder of some things to hold tight to and some basics to go back to on the days you need a good reminder, and even on the days you are feeling strong! It’s simple, yet powerful. I encourage you to read through these, read them aloud and then put them into action. What a change these things can make in our hearts and minds if we truly believe them. Better yet, read them aloud every day this month. I would love to hear how it impacted your days! Let’s grow, love ourselves, trust God, allow ourselves to make mistakes and believe who we are in Christ, and let’s do it together.

With love,


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