In the Waiting

God teaches us in the waiting. He taught Moses, Joseph, Abraham, and pretty much any other story in the Bible… He even taught Jesus in the waiting.

We are impatient in our world and have trouble in the waiting. We want the “waiting” to be quick so that we can act in the calling God has for us.

God also calls us to do. He wants us to move our feet so He can bless us with the things He’s promised to us.

One of the hardest questions is when should we move our feet and when should we wait?

I’m a future thinker and planner. I always look ahead to my future goals. I’m what others may call a “visionary”. I can think very big and see the big picture but I tend to struggle on the minor details of how to get there. In this particular season, anytime I asked God for guidance and vision for the future, I would hear “Be Still”. I was told on several occasions that I need to be patient and rest because He has big things in the works for me.

During my “Be Still” time, I was able to stay at home. I had 2 little girls, a miscarriage, a husband who had a major job change, and I struggled with depression. I had to lean on God in a way I had never had to before. He taught me so much about myself, my own strength and offered me a healing like I had never known over things that I didn’t even know were holding me back or weighing me down. God also showed me that when I did go back to work, it would be in ministry, which I found was truly my heart.

Coming out of my “Be Still” season, I was offered a job in Children’s Ministry. The way I was even offered the job is truly a testament to God’s goodness and faithfulness.

When we wait, we are not expected to sit and do nothing. We are expected to move in the small obediences. Then, one day we will look back and see how far we have grown. God has created us and  He is shaping our character. We need to trust Him and move forward in obedience.

Heather Cook



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