What Can You Do that No One Else Can?

“And since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us each exercise them accordingly.”  Romans 12:6

I heard a pastor say once that there are two questions we should remember every day:   1.  Who are you?   2.   What Are you Doing here?

God handpicked you.  He determined the time and place you would be born.  He has given us all assignments to fulfill with our lives:   People to touch.  Jobs to do.  Gifts to use.

We all have “music” inside of us that wants to come out.  Unique music.  I think we have maximum effectives in our Christian walk when we are operating in the way God created us—with our unique gifts, personality and passions.  Although  I can’t prove this, I’ve seen it to be true.  I’ve seen amazing volunteers at the Vineyard who seem to be in their “sweet spot” so to speak.

Ask God how to release the dreams and gifts in your heart.  Step out and risk in areas which God has stirred in your heart.  You will be glad you did and so will others.

What you can do that no one else can…are the things God created you for…in your sphere, in your family, in your church, in your community.  No one else has your unique make-up.



Author: Thora Anderson

Pastor, wife, daughter, sister, friend, Recovering worrier, Thinker, Mother of two teenagers. I've been in ministry for over 30 years and count that as huge success.

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