Sowing and Reaping with Kingdom Eyes

This weekend’s message inspired me.  Sometimes I think the work I do is not worthwhile. Maybe you have been there…. feeling underappreciated in your job, in your family, in your relationships, and maybe even in church. Pastor’s Quaid’s message used the powerful metaphor of sowing seeds and reaping the benefit not only in this life but in the one to come.  He challenged us to think about how God could use our time, our money, but also what we are good at.  Each of us have a gift from the spirit of God that can be used fully for his Glory.  Sadly Sisters, sometimes I have a tendency to view my own gifts from the world’s perspective instead of seeing them in light of God’s kingdom.  When I see them through the world’s perspective, I usually end up frustrated and feeling underappreciated.  Sadly, this world will never fully validate Kingdom work because the world as a whole has not been fully redeemed yet. Sisters we must challenge ourselves to see all of our  gifts in the same way that God sees them. And when I personally begin to  see with His eyes… I see that I have a lot to offer to God.  Here is an example.  I am a high school English teacher.  When I was a senior in high school, I knew without a doubt that this is what God wanted me to do.  Teaching has always been easy for me because it showcases what God has gifted me with. I’ve seen His favor many times over in the different schools I have worked at.  But fast forward to 2017, 17 years in the field, and I can honestly say I feel discouraged with how our country and state views teachers. We are underpaid, we are underappreciated, and rarely respected.  From the world’s perspective, the profession has changed a lot from when I first began in 2000. Each year, I wonder if it should be my last; however, when I take my life’s work to God he reminds me of these facts….. “What job can you do where you impact 200 new souls every year? You have the unique ability to be a mentor, a guardian, an encourager for these special young people for an entire year of their life. You get to see them each and every day, and you get to be the Jesus to them on the days they need it the most. Verbal preaching is against the law in the public classrooms, but that just creates the perfect catalyst for you to preach the good news in the best way… by your deeds and your love.”   Wow! That is a mission field now.  And guess what…. I am excited to start again.  I am ready to fulfill my role in God’s Kingdom, even if I don’t get a raise this year, even if the parents aren’t appreciative, even if the profession is devalued in the political arena.  In God’s Kingdom, the work is valued.  The Bible says in 2nd Corinthians 9: Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness; you will be enriched in everything for all liberality, which through us is producing thanksgiving to God.  I love the fact that God promises that we will be enriched liberally in everything because we sow the seeds that God has given us. I pray that each of you begins to see your talents in the way that God sees them and that you will be refreshed in the job God has placed you in.


Be Blessed,




Author: Jessica Cox

Jessica teaches high school English and Creative Writing at Millennium High School in Goodyear, AZ. She is married and has a daughter in first grade. She has been attending VC since 2004.

6 thoughts on “Sowing and Reaping with Kingdom Eyes”

  1. Brian and I both had high school teachers who strongly impacted us. Mine was my English teacher. Mr. Jones!!

  2. Trust me, Jessica, you are making a difference in those kids’ lives you teach and God will reward you. Every time I attended one of my kids’ (they are grown with children now) events at school, I would tear up because of the interaction of their teachers and I would always think “I wish I could make a difference in these little lives”. And now I still tear up when I attend my grandchildrens’ school events. It may not be monetarily, but you are reaping God’s reward in your field of work. Thank you for teaching our young children! You are very important for their future.

  3. So happy for the leading God gave you at such a young age & the continued encouragement that will impact so many young lives . I also know this will particularly encourage teachers (I will forward to some I know).

  4. Most of us were blessed by one particular teacher that truly impacted our lives. I am glad you are not listening to the discouraging words from the enemy, but from our wonderful God who gives meaning and purpose to the “mundane and little” things we do. And even if you don’t hear it often enough, you ARE appreciated!

  5. Such a tough job. I substitute teach in the Glendale district, and it’s very difficult, sad, and stressful…the conditions, the lack of admin backing, the lack of resources, and the high needs / special needs children. I hope you will come to know the difference you’ve made in these kids’ lives….often times it’s only one person who can change a kid’s life…a parent, a teacher, a professional.

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