The Good Old Days

How sweet are my memories of days gone by when it seemed that life was easier. I miss those who are now in heaven and long for the days when we were together here on earth. These times were the “good old days” for me.

It’s the present that challenges me, sometimes it can be scary and painful. It doesn’t always feel as good as “the good old days”.

There is a story of a woman in the Bible who looked back when God told her not to. Her name wasn’t recorded, she is simply known as “Lot’s wife”. The story is in Genesis chapter 19.

In the story, God was saving her family from the destruction of their home town. God told them not to look back as they were escaping from their home. I don’t know if I could have kept from looking back myself. She was being taken from all that was familiar to her into a new life.

When she gave in to the desire to look back at her home, she disobeyed God.  As a result of her disobedience God turned her into a pillar of salt. Her story ends abruptly here…she is stuck in her past and misses out on the new adventure God had for her.

I know that I get “stuck” when clinging to my comfy past while I know that God is saying “come with Me, I am doing something new!”

Jesus addresses a desire for the past by offering us real life in the present that only He can provide. So He calls to us and invites us to move forward into the unknown places with Him where we haven’t been before.

I call this “adventures with Jesus”. I think Jesus calls this “follow Me”.




Author: Linda Hopkins

I am a very proud mama of four children, a widow and a Registrar. Jesus is always inviting me into another adventure with Him!

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  1. Awesome story to hear on a Monday, the start of a new week when we can forward to our new Christian opportunities to share God’s Word with others in our thought and actions. God bless you!

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