May I Have This Dance?

Dance Much?

I have thought at times of our Christian walk in light of dancing.

As Christians, we each basically have two dances as we walk out our lives:  a line dance (which we do with other people) and a flamenco dance (which we do by ourselves.)

You could think of it this way…

Our Line Dance is the dance we do with other Christians…in our church or in our small group working together to significantly impact our community.  You might think of things like serving together in the Thanksgiving outreach or Back to School Outreach, or Single Mom’s ministry, or serving in Children’s ministry.  It’s a line dance we do together in community with other people.  I know a lot of people who have made life long friends after serving together in the food bank.  We dance with each other and for each other. You can’t line dance alone.

But, we all also have our Flamenco dance…which is an individual dance…our individual rhythm, our personal mission—this is what we do with our one and only life.  Nobody else can dance our Flamenco for us.

I am always looking for good things to expose my children to and a few years ago I took them to a free Flamenco dance presentation going on at GCC.  It was really pretty fascinating.  The person explaining it told us pure flamenco is a SOLO dance.  And it is also a dance where the musicians follow the dancer’s lead.  The dancer chooses how to dance.  She told us that flamenco is improvised rather than choreographed.  In other words, someone else is not going to figure out your dance for you.  And let me say this…those Flamenco dancers we saw, were dancing their hearts out.

This reminds me of our own “dances” where as we dance the way God made us, the Holy Spirit is able to breathe the music of life into us. (Beautifully and the way He uniquely created each of us)

We all need to dance both dances and not only one of the two.  If we only  dance alone – if we only flamenco, we can become an island unto ourselves and we miss out on the blessings of being part of a community of believers…and then we have not impacted and interacted with other people the way God intended us to.  If we only line dance, we miss out on becoming uniquely who God created us to be.  How is your dance? (Your line dance and your flamenco dance)

Dance both dances!

Dance Your Dance!



Author: Thora Anderson

Pastor, wife, daughter, sister, friend, Recovering worrier, Thinker, Mother of two teenagers. I've been in ministry for over 30 years and count that as huge success.

One thought on “May I Have This Dance?”

  1. Great analogy. It makes me laugh though, because I’ve got no natural rhythm and two left feet so I tend to stand on the sidelines and watch everyone else dancing. Hmm, sometimes I do that in my spiritual life as well. Thanks for sharing this!

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