2017 – Live it with purpose!

January…the closing out of the old and the beginning of the new. The putting away of the Christmas decorations brings a bit of sadness but with the ringing in of the New Year comes anticipation and hope. If you’re like me, I want to make the most of 2017 and I want to live it to the fullest. Here are five things that can help us walk through 2017, to stay focused and ladies remember to breathe!!

  1. Choose a word that defines the New Year for you. It is helpful to focus on one thing that you want to deepen in your life. Ask God to help you decide what word or phrase is yours. It does not always have to be a “spiritual” word.
  2. Take time to reflect! Take time to dream! Take time to hope! Reflection is an amazing process of bringing perspective and change. Yes you have to carve out time to do this but it is well worth it. Reflect on what was really good about 2016 and what was really challenging; what you want to change and what you hope for. Reflect on your personal life emotionally, spiritually and physically. Reflect on your family life. Reflect on your career. Reflect on your spiritual growth. Reflection helps us put into place goals. Don’t limit yourself to just writing out things on paper feel free to doodle, draw, get creative.
  3. Start a new planner! Ladies please don’t just use your planner to schedule events, meetings, appointments but be kind to yourself and uses it as a reminder! As you have reflected you’ll find there are areas you want to do better throughout the year so make notes to yourself in your planner. Being organized helps you accomplish more in your life but reminding ourselves of our reflections, dreams, hopes will help us to live with purpose in our fast-paced world.
  4. Give yourself a gift and schedule once a month a meeting over coffee or a meal with a trust friend. You will find it will help you grow, be challenged and be accountable. I have found that really helps me to have a different perspective with life.
  5. Choose to be positive! The reality is 2017 will come with challenges, disappointments, heartaches but the power of choosing to embrace life with hope gives strength and courage.

I hope 2017 is a year of new beginnings, new dreams and fantastic opportunities for you. Remember you only have one life to live for Jesus, so live it with purpose and intentionally.

From my heart to yours.



Author: DaNetta

DaNetta is a graduate of LIFE Bible College with a Pastoral Degree. She has a passion for missions and served as the Honduras Mission Coordinator for 16 years. She enjoys teaching women and classes that encourage and equip the Body of Christ. Her husband Mario and her have been married for 33 years and presently are the campus pastors at VCNPs first Multi-Site in NW Peoria. She enjoys hiking, traveling, documentaries and her family. She has three amazing adult children, a beautiful daughter-in-law and two adorable grandchildren.

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