Just Breathe!

Just Breathe!

 I distinctly remember one of the first times I really experienced worship in a profound way in a Vineyard small group.  I felt the presence of the Lord in such a strong way that the thought went through my mind….”I feel like I don’t even need to breathe.”  I felt like I was breathing really slowly and drinking in the Lord’s presence.  It was awesome.

 I hope for everyone to have times of worship like that…experiencing  God’s presence in a palpable way.

 Now, I know there are different seasons of life.  What I was talking about was kind of a honeymoon experience.  (But, there have also been “anniversaries” so to speak where I’ve felt God so strongly.) 

 Time and Truth have a way of growing maturity in us.  God is “there” just the same even when I don’t have the feelings to accompany what God is doing in my spirit and heart. (I know this even though my emotions take some time to line up.) Worship is a part of all of our life and all seasons of our lives.   There are times when life is falling apart and worship is sacrifice.  There are times when things are going well and worship is a celebration.  There are times of trial when worship is a lifeline.  There are times of depression when worship is the lifter of my head.  There are the times of worship when I’ve seen my kids raising their hands imitating Brian and I and my heart wants to explode…in a good way.  God is there in every time and season.

 We have an awesome opportunity coming up with the “Burn Bright”   worship conference on Oct. 21-23.  I’m quite sure there will be women there with every range of emotions and God will be good through all of it.

 If you can come, I think it will be a wonderful time.  Eleanor Mumford is one of the speakers and if you were at our Women’s conference this year, you know what a treat that was.

 The Wednesday night before the conference is a free night of worship.   So come if you can and “just breath” it all in.  Let’s worship God together!



Author: Thora Anderson

Pastor, wife, daughter, sister, friend, Recovering worrier, Thinker, Mother of two teenagers. I've been in ministry for over 30 years and count that as huge success.

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