Windy Birthday Parties for 6-year-olds

We recently hosted (because she wanted it in our home) a party for Zoe’s 6th birthday.

This is the first party we have hosted where Zoe was really old enough to invite “her own friends.”  (Let’s make that about 20 of her own friends.)  She also invited Adult friends like and Al and Pat, our next door neighbors who are retired school teachers, but Zoe did tell them they didn’t have to dress up… since they were adults.

Zoe chose a “Princess and Pirate” party because she wanted boys to be able to come. (Specifically we’re glad Francis from school came because after his choice of a gift of a beach Barbie and Ken and a Barbie pool and accessories, Zoe wants to marry Francis.) : )

Well, I worked hard on this party because I wanted it to be a memory she will have forever.  I made a princess cake with turrets, cupcakes, gift bags, and planned games for outside.  Let’s face it…who wants 20 kids in the house?!  I planned and planned and after so much planning, we told Zoe her next big party will be when she is 10 (because I think I may be recuperated by then).

Anyway, the Friday night of the party, we had an unbelievably windy night.  We tried to get the kids to eat outside and the plates were literally flying away.  No one wanted to do the “walk the plank” game…..too windy.  Then we moved another game inside, but most of the kids just wanted to run around or play on the trampoline.  Go figure!

It didn’t turn out the way I had planned, but when it was all said and done, the purpose of the party was accomplished.  Zoe had a great time.  She loved planning for the party (She even decorated herself with crepe paper and construction paper streamers she made) and her friends seemed to have a great time too.

This party reminds me of parts of my own life.  So often, I have a pre-conceived idea of the way something should be, should look, or should work out.  Then, the event or activity turns out completely different from what I had expected, but I can still see God’s hand in the midst of it.  I encourage you to take a step back and see how God is at work…even though it may not be exactly what you expected.


Author: Thora Anderson

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