Let’s Talk

People love to talk.  We talk about everything and anything, there is no topic that is taboo.  There are talk shows and shows that explore our feelings, shows that allow us to air our differences […]

Keeping it Real in Our Imaginary World

Sometimes I think that we Christians tend to live in a bubble of our own making.  We view life through rose-colored glasses of our own design, especially if we’ve been living for God for any […]

Is Jesus Universal?

Christmas is coming, and I am excited. There’s just something special about this whole Holiday season.  I love everything about it.  I love shopping for gifts, writing out those cards, Christmas carols sung endlessly on […]

A Lesson Learned…

I was watching the show Wife Swap the other day and found a spiritual lesson that was unexpected. Most of you are familiar with the premise of the show, two women with radically different lifestyles […]

Will we be faithful?

I’ve been thinking about Noah. We all know the story. Noah finds grace in God’s sight and he and his family, along with the animals, are saved because he obeys God and builds a big […]

Beyond Planet Me

Earth to Ana. Earth to Ana, my husband enjoys saying when he wants to get my attention. Yeah, yeah, very funny… Well, I guess I should be glad my husband has a sense of humor. […]