Leave room in your life for Grace and Wonder

  “For You, O Lord, are my Lamp; the Lord lightens my darkness“(II Samuel 22:29, AMP)   This week I was reminded that when things are difficult and don’t look like they are going our […]

Just say…Overhauled!

Currently, one of my favorite shows is Overhaulin’ on the Discovery channel. I love this show! “The owner gets tricked; while the car gets tricked out.” They ‘steal’ someone’s car, overhaul it in seven days […]


Do you ever catch yourself pondering the question of “why”?  Not “why me?” or “why then?” or “why Uncle Freddy?” but just “why” – the reason behind certain things.   I do.  I wonder why […]

Who’s in Charge?

The other day I was talking with some Christian friends and they were concerned about all the things happening with the economy, politics, etc. One friend was even considering purchasing a gun since she was […]

85% of those saved do so by age 18

85% of those who give their lives to Christ do so as a child. I recently heard Wes Stafford, leader of Compassion International, speak at our National Vineyard Pastor’s conference. He told us of the […]

Just say…kids!

Now I realize that being a solo act I shouldn’t have much to say here, but since I brought it up… There are a lot of things I really love about kids.  Everything is new: […]

The Power of Kindness

Have you ever been touched by a random act of kindness?  I have, in a most particular way.   Yesterday my husband, my son and I went to the movies.  As we settled ourselves down […]

You Are Uniquely Gifted

This past weekend Brian taught about our gifting and serving in the church. I’d like to look at that a little more. A number of years ago when I did a study on Spiritual Gifts […]