You Just Don’t Understand!

“Is that what you really mean?” Communication is tricky business! I once said to my Father on one of his birthdays, “Well, I guess you are as old as you feel.” And he replied, “So […]

Anybody need a Girls’ Night Out?

Is life hectic?  Do you need to laugh? Would you like to spend some time with other women and just relax?   Well, “Girls’ Night Out 2009” is right around the corner on Friday, July […]

Leave room in your life for Grace and Wonder

  “For You, O Lord, are my Lamp; the Lord lightens my darkness“(II Samuel 22:29, AMP)   This week I was reminded that when things are difficult and don’t look like they are going our […]

Just say…Overhauled!

Currently, one of my favorite shows is Overhaulin’ on the Discovery channel. I love this show! “The owner gets tricked; while the car gets tricked out.” They ‘steal’ someone’s car, overhaul it in seven days […]


Do you ever catch yourself pondering the question of “why”?  Not “why me?” or “why then?” or “why Uncle Freddy?” but just “why” – the reason behind certain things.   I do.  I wonder why […]

Who’s in Charge?

The other day I was talking with some Christian friends and they were concerned about all the things happening with the economy, politics, etc. One friend was even considering purchasing a gun since she was […]

85% of those saved do so by age 18

85% of those who give their lives to Christ do so as a child. I recently heard Wes Stafford, leader of Compassion International, speak at our National Vineyard Pastor’s conference. He told us of the […]