Today while hiking I overheard a conversation taking place in front of me that was difficult to miss.  It was a teenager arguing with her mother who was encouraging her to try healthy new experiences; […]

The Big Picture!

Recently I was having a heart-to-heart conversation with God expressing how I did not understand why things have to happen. There are times I honestly just don’t get it! A few days later I came […]

Until It Hurt

Have you ever heard the expression, “give until it hurts”? Last Saturday, my friend Amber and I, along with 200 more volunteers, had a chance to experience this very feeling when we participated in VCNPs […]

The Voice of God

I can remember so clearly when God started speaking to me. I was about 4. At the time I chalked it up to my imagination. My parents weren’t Christians so it wasn’t even something on […]

Thirst No More

I was listening to K-LOVE recently and they were talking about people in Rwanda who do not have clean water.  Parents have to make the decision between giving their children water to drink that may […]

Fish, Bread and Miracles

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the need around you? I sure have!  I especially feel this every time I join a team from my church for our annual ministry trip to the beautiful country […]

God Makes the Best Shoes

I like how my feet look in a cute pair of shoes. I’m quite partial to a peep-toe. But as cute as I think my feet look in a peep-toe, I know God isn’t always […]

Beyond Planet Me

Earth to Ana. Earth to Ana, my husband enjoys saying when he wants to get my attention. Yeah, yeah, very funny… Well, I guess I should be glad my husband has a sense of humor. […]