You Never Know What Will Happen When You Pray!

You know how sometimes you pray and you don’t really expect anything to happen?  I’ve been there more times than I would like to admit.  God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow though. I […]

Would You Still Love Me?

I sat on the sofa surrounded by 12 pairs of eyes, all fixed on me. I was on my element. Having the chance to meet and talk with a group of like-minded believers seemed heavenly. […]

You Want Me to Do What?!

I was at a grocery store that has a food bar and I stopped to look at the variety of soup. As I moved the ladle around in one of the containers, a little round […]


The Sonoran Desert, just west of Tucson, houses a very unique invention: “The Interstellar Light Collector” – a 50-foot-tall, 30-ton collection of mirrors that collect and reflect moonlight. Richard Chapin, builder of the giant moonbeam […]