That Looks Heavy. Need a Hand?

We have all been in a position where, in facing a significant trial, we need extra support from friends and family to walk through the hardest days. But what about the times when it is […]

But Even If He Does Not

We all have hopes, dreams, and prayers. Things we yearn for deeply and wish for with all our might. Perhaps for you it is the prayer for a child, the hope for healing, or dream […]

Anointed for our Assignment

God has a purpose and a plan for all of our lives. Each of our purposes, or assignments, look different. In the Bible, God used so many different characters to fulfill so many different purposes […]

God with Us

It doesn’t need to be that “most wonderful time of the year” to reflect on one of the Lord’s sweetest and most powerful names, Emmanuel. In the Greek, Emmanuel means “God with us.” This sacred […]

He’s Up to Something

I don’t think we ever really grow out of the incessant “but why?” phase that irritated our parents to no end as small children. Now, we more likely internalize those “why” questions and they often […]


“The number one enemy of Christian spiritual formation today is exhaustion. We are living beyond our means, both financially and physically.” -James Bryan Smith   Living in a chaotic world with a chaotic schedule seems […]

Work in Progress

I did it…again. I spoke too quickly…again. I thought that thought…again. I used to believe that when I invited Jesus into my heart, my old habits and sinful tendencies should have somehow melted away. After […]