Spring is here!

I love Spring. I love the flowers blooming, I love the freshness of a morning breeze, the cool nights spent gazing at the moon.  I love the sound of the birds singing outside my window […]

Have you ever had a bad day?

I mean a really truly bad day, where from the moment your eyes popped open in the morning until you lay your head to rest at night everything and anything that could go wrong went […]

Keeping it Real in Our Imaginary World

Sometimes I think that we Christians tend to live in a bubble of our own making.  We view life through rose-colored glasses of our own design, especially if we’ve been living for God for any […]

Is Jesus Universal?

Christmas is coming, and I am excited. There’s just something special about this whole Holiday season.  I love everything about it.  I love shopping for gifts, writing out those cards, Christmas carols sung endlessly on […]

Is God still tasty?

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my dehydrator. I haven’t met a fruit or vegetable or applesauce yet that won’t find its way upon my trays. There’s nothing quite like those dried fruits […]

Let Me Tell You a Story…

I would like to tell you a story of God’s faithfulness and grace. Over the years my husband and I have been blessed by being able to travel to Maui on several vacations. The first […]

It’s all a matter of perspective…

I want to share something revolutionary with you today. It’s something that has changed my perspective on life.  It’s more than a mantra, or feelings of good will.  It’s better than a 12-step program or […]

Is God a self-serve buffet line?

When I first began this walk with God I found my life revolutionized.  In a single moment my life was turned upside down, old addictions and patterns were broken, and I eagerly threw myself into […]

Whom do you serve?

So in the wake of recent newsworthy events I’ve been following I recently found myself a bit shocked at the various reactions by people that I don’t know, but love. Let me explain. While I […]

On a Sunday Morning…

Sitting here on a Sunday morning, watching people filter in, makes me wonder at the grace of God. I’m a people watcher, a by-product of my naturally shy personality, and I do admit that I’m […]