What’s your name?

If you were to ask God to change your name, what would you want your name to be, or mean? This was one of the questions posed to me this week in my daily Bible […]

In God’s Hands…

Years ago when our son was little we bought him a gerbil, who, according to the immense knowledge of the local pet store employee, was a male.  Much to our surprise several days later we […]

My favorite hymn…

I know that I should be writing a full blog, posting on my thoughts and insights, but to be honest lately my heart has been set on this hymn.  It’s my favorite hymn, and so […]

Broken Flip-Flops…

My flip-flop broke. Not the most earth-shattering news but trust me, it is pretty big news when it breaks while I’m walking. After carefully sliding my foot to the car (I was at my mailbox, […]

Breathing in Your Grace

I need more God in my life. I remember when He first called me, when our relationship was new, the thrill of discovery and the promise of new life that danced within my soul.  I […]

Whom Do You Please?

I was blocked on Facebook. You wouldn’t think that it would bother me, but it did.  It kinda made me think about what I had done or said or posted on that had been so […]

I’m not a Box…

Growing up I always wanted to be someone else.  I wanted to be prettier, smarter, thinner, more outgoing, more…well…anything else that wasn’t me. It didn’t help that the world around me agreed with me.  From […]

Are You Crunchy?

I woke up the other morning angry. I don’t really know why, other than I faintly remember being in the midst of an angry dream. I’m not quite sure what I was dreaming about, but […]

Be Kind, It’s the Nice Thing to Do…

On Christmas day last year we took our son out to IHOP for dinner since no one felt like cooking, and we had a very pleasant time visiting with him. The place was packed, of […]

Stinky Feet

I’ve been told I have ugly feet. I know, I know, this is not what you expected to hear first thing in the morning.  But, according to my sources my feet are quite ugly, not […]