Just say…miracle!

I love baptism. Doesn’t everybody? As I look through the camera lens I see the smiles, the tears, maybe a little uncertainty. Some close their eyes and some don’t. People pray over them, then immerse […]

Just say…shop!

This isn’t what you think it’s about. Not clothes. Not cds. Not cool Star Wars action figures. Food. Here’s me going to the grocery store: Get my purse. Get my coupons. Check the coupons to […]

Just say…Vacation (part 1)

When this blog posts, I will be on a beautiful island in Lake Winnipesaukee (NH) with some of my family. But I’m writing it while on an airplane. I think this is pretty amazing stuff. […]

Just say… Mommy!

I’m currently having a wonderful experience.  Truly. Mommy is visiting me right now and I love it! I know how childish this is all going to sound, but as usual I will have a point […]

Just say…Overhauled!

Currently, one of my favorite shows is Overhaulin’ on the Discovery channel. I love this show! “The owner gets tricked; while the car gets tricked out.” They ‘steal’ someone’s car, overhaul it in seven days […]

Just say…kids!

Now I realize that being a solo act I shouldn’t have much to say here, but since I brought it up… There are a lot of things I really love about kids.  Everything is new: […]

Just Say … Tune Up!

I went to get an oil change today.  Not for me actually, but for my Jeep.  You know the routine.  Every three thousand miles (or so) you have the oil changed.  Every six thousand (or […]

Just say…Hope

Several realizations from one event. Last weekend I participated in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in Glendale. Hundreds of people of all ages coming together to raise money for cancer research. We come […]