How can one make a difference? Opportunities abound. However, all of us will agree that our desire to make a difference and our availability to do so don’t always match. It is easy to become […]

Spilling Over

Are you a “spiller”? I was listening to my favorite Christian station this morning, and I heard this woman share her testimony. It was one of those refreshing and inspirational type of stories that really […]


Conviction: “An unwavering belief that produces relentless determination” — Madame Stine’s Royal Book of Definitions

Expectant Prayers

Why do we tend to pray with more angst than excitement?

Waiting for Change

For several weeks, my small group had been discussing the different ways in which God transforms us. All of us girls — but especially those new to faith in Jesus — long for transformation. We […]

More Than Enough

When I was a teenager, I used to hear inspiring messages telling me that – if I followed hard after Him – I’d do great things for Christ. Starry-eyed, I dreamed of the wonderful things […]


Sometimes, some of the things I do really take me by surprise. Like when I find myself excusing a clearly sinful behavior or when I keep silent instead of taking a stand for what’s right, […]

I Got You

I was talking on the phone with my mom the other day about some of my concerns regarding my children. “Welcome to the Anguished Moms Club,”she said in jest. Though her comment was certainly funny, […]

No Regrets

I have a lot of regrets. Cutting my own bangs. Singing karaoke in front of my husband’s boss and his wife.  Being too chicken to pray for someone in need.  Yelling at my kids when they were little. […]