A Better Way

I am guessing, that if I were to ask you to think about one person in your life, be it a co-worker, family member, or friend, who drives you absolutely crazy, someone’s name or face would instantly come to mind.

This year, I had one such person in my life. It seemed like everything they did made my life harder. I could not understand where they were coming from, or what drove them to make the choices that they did. I got angry.
To my shame, I spent far more time than I ever should have venting with others struggling to deal with this person. Way too much venting and far too little prayer. So of course, in God’s perfect (sometimes annoyingly so) timing I was reading of some of David’s trials with Saul in the book of 1 Samuel.

David serves Saul faithfully and in a godly manner. But because Saul lost God’s favor, and David received that favor, Saul became jealous. So, he wanted David dead, and sent a lot of men out to accomplish this deed.
David’s response to this is what stood out to me as such a wonderful model as for how I should be living with my annoying person. You see, although David had been on the run from Saul and his men, twice he had the opportunity to kill Saul and end all of his troubles, and twice he took the better path and spared his life. David modeled what it looks like to not sin when others have sinned against us.

And boy did I feel chastised for my reactions.

David’s life was being threatened,  making whatever annoyances and inconveniences I was facing insignificant, and yet he  took the better way.  It was a stark reminder to me that no matter how much people annoy you or sin against you, we have a higher (harder) calling to do what is right. For me, in my circumstances, I needed to hold my tongue and stop my venting. I needed more prayer and a more godly approach to my circumstances. Is there a place in your life, where maybe you aren’t reacting in a sinless manner? If so, we are lucky to have great examples to look to.

God bless your sisters!


Author: Ally Nelsen

Ally Nelsen has been attending Vineyard North Phoenix for two and a half years. She participates in small groups and volunteers with the Golf Cart ministry. She teaches middle school reading and loves when she gets to see her students at some of the churches outreach events. She is bookworm and history nerd who tends to get judged by her cat when she rocks out to musical soundtracks.

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