Respect in Disagreement

As a teacher in the state of Arizona, I don’t think it would surprise any of you to hear that the #RedforEd movement is a big factor in my life, throwing off my typical routine. Whether you agree with the movement or not, the people who have showed up at the capital have amazed me.

So many protests are filled with vulgar language or violence. Down at the Capital, there has been none of that. And it got me thinking about politics. Politics has always been one of the biggest dividers in our nation. I have seen good people, people I know to be Christians, swearing at or about our leaders, or calling people names is they have a different idea of what is best for our country.

You could argue that Jesus is one of the most controversial historical figures in our history. We as Christians believe that he was and is the Son of God, other people just believe he was an influential person. Yet no one argues he was a good man. By looking at the Bible, you see that Jesus was kind and inclusive, even to those who didn’t agree.

When you read the story the Judas’ betrayal of Jesus in Luke 22:47-54, Jesus healed a man wounded in the disagreement, a man there against him. This is the example that we need to following. Taking on a position of healing and kindness even in the face of adversity.

Never, on this side of Jesus’ return, are you going to agree with everything someone else says or does or believe (and remember, that is a good thing because it means you are bringing His kingdom here and not joining the darkness of the world). Stand firm in your belief, just like Jesus did at the temple, with the Pharisees, and when he was on trial with Pilot. But I believe that the mark of a true, mature Christian is the ability to disagree, and stand firm, while staying respectful.

Revelations paints a picture of the world devolving into further and further chaos before things get better.  Let’s not join it. So whether it is today, this week, or next and you come across someone’s ideas that you disagree with, stop and think about how Jesus would want you to respond, because as Brian reminded us several weeks ago, he is with you.

Have a blessed day my sisters!


Author: Ally Nelsen

Ally Nelsen has been attending Vineyard North Phoenix for two and a half years. She participates in small groups and volunteers with the Golf Cart ministry. She teaches middle school reading and loves when she gets to see her students at some of the churches outreach events. She is bookworm and history nerd who tends to get judged by her cat when she rocks out to musical soundtracks.

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