Dare Angel

Those of you who know me – or have heard me, for the matter – know that I may be loud but I’m far from brave. That is why my latest streak of courage has caught me by surprise.

Maybe it is because I’ve seen God’s faithfulness and power at work enough times to know, truly know, that when we say yes to Him, he backs us up. So I’ve found myself being a lot more daring when it comes to offering prayer to people or telling them that God loves them, even in situations when one can’t be so sure to get the desired outcome. I guess I’m tired of being afraid and am just going for it.

The other day, for example, my daughter was talking to me about a deep need a friend of hers had. My usual reaction would’ve been to think something like, Poor kid. If only she knew the Lord! But, let’s face it, her situation is just hopeless. So I’d just offer a sympathetic smile and rubbing my daughter’s back, I’d say, “I’m sorry to hear that, Sweetheart. I will pray for your friend.” And leave it at that.

Pretty pathetic, I know.

But this last time I felt a surge of faith that overcame my usual cowardly ways and instead I declared, “Let’s pray for your friend right now, that God will intervene in this situation.”

The surge left my body as quickly as it’d entered it, and doubt took over instead. What was I thinking? What if God doesn’t intervene? And then what will happen to my daughter’s fledgling faith?

Thankfully, that blessed assurance that comes from Above won over and rerouted my thoughts: No, I had made the right decision. Faith always requires a measure of risk – without it we can’t and won’t see the hand of God at work. And that’s a lot more tragic than not getting the answers we were hoping for when we prayed.

So guess what? My daughter reported days later that God had answered our prayer in a way that was nothing but miraculous, and her faith and understanding of God’s loving, powerful ways – as well as her friend’s – grew in the process.

And not just theirs, but mine too. So I think that from now on you may call me loud, vociferous, or anything alike.  But above all, you may call me Angel… dare angel.

Author: ana

I'm Ron's wife and the proud mother of 3 adult children: Gracie, Ronnie and Nick. A native of beautiful Guatemala City, I work as a Spanish court interpreter. I love to read, write and tell others about God's love.

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  1. Awesome! Such a cool story Ana! I’m glad you took the risk. It makes me think in the quote from John Wimber, “Faith is spelled R-I-S-K.”!

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