Living Unpredictably

I’m a pretty predictable person.  I don’t like surprises throughout my day.  Instead I prefer the steadiness of a routine, knowing what’s ahead is far more exciting than not knowing, being prepared for what the day brings is much more satisfying to me.  Let me just say, the unpredictability of life is not always so thrilling.

Life can get messy.  There are unforeseen detours and bumps in our lives that we cannot predict.  Events happen, circumstances change, and none of it, if we are truly honest with ourselves, can be logged into a schedule.

We pray and plan, devise and strategize, but in the end we must trust God because only He knows fully what we cannot predict.  Being a Christian means that we live unpredictable lives, because to be honest, we cannot fit life into a box, no matter how much we try (and believe me, I have tried!).

Psalm 46:10 says “Be still, and know that I am God…”

We predictable people can take comfort in that simple statement.  Be still, because God’s got your back.  When your life is no longer predictable, He is there for you.  When life throws you a curveball, when events change as quickly as a blink of an eye just stop, breathe, and let this truth comfort you…God is God.


Blessings, Kathy W

3 thoughts on “Living Unpredictably”

  1. It was quite a while back when times were extremely uncertain, & I found that I loved the predictability of God & also of the routine of churchgoing. It brought such comfort from the stability it brought to me at that time.

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