Have you ever had something happen so fast that you barely had time to process it?  It’s like, oh I don’t know, whiplash. After a recent dental scenario I realized sometimes it’s best that way.

After not being able to get a diagnosis on a painful tooth, I went to an endodontist.  Although they had me fill out a consent form in advance for a possible root canal it wasn’t until 20 minutes later when the specialist said, yes, it was needed, that reality sunk in.  And the fact that the doctor looked about 20 years old didn’t help.  (“Do you know what you’re doing?!”)

At that point I could have used a hug and some Valium.  But neither were readily available.   So instead I asked Doogie Howser if I could use the restroom after he said the procedure takes an hour and a half.

“What?!  Can I be a dog now?  Because we vets do dental procedures with general anesthesia!”  I’m not squeamish about the dentist but I had whiplash from being rear-ended by a careless driver three days prior to this appointment so I wasn’t looking forward to the lean-waaaay-back dental chair.  For an hour and a half.

Since Doogie’s specialty training didn’t include turning me into a pomeranian or something, he numbed up my mouth and off to the restroom I went.  In the restroom:  “Umm… God?  Help!!  This guy is like 5 years old.  (Yeah, he’s getting younger the longer I look at him.) Please don’t let him screw it up!  Amen.”

Now if God, or the specialist, had given me much more time to think about it I would have made my escape directly from the bathroom.  But to what avail?  So I could continue to alternate Advil and Tylenol every 4 hours for horrible radiating nerve pain?  (“Sure.  That’ll be fine.  Bye!”)

Sometimes God lets us drag our feet and sometimes He doesn’t. Sometimes the job at hand needs to be done now before it’s too late. And sometimes we have to adjust quickly to sudden life transitions.

I think some rapid, good transitions are on the horizon for myself and others in the family of God.  And I think the root canal is a preview of this for me personally because even good things can be overwhelming and somewhat stressful when they happen fast.

So get ready. Like a texting driver who isn’t paying attention, good things might come up on us fast!


5 thoughts on “Whiplash”

  1. Shagufta, You had me laughing through the entire reading of your story. I also realize I am getting older QD, seeing most everyone around me soooo young… But God has a plan….Ps.18:18, and He seems to specialize in wait….wait…wait…then the “suddenly” comes, I think to demonstrate His Power….
    Thank you for sharing, and I pray your root canal from Dr. Doogie went well with no post op issues.

  2. I had a very similar experience with a root canal.
    And you seem young to me so it is funny to think you thought the Dr. was Doogie.

  3. This is hilarious! But, oh, so true. Thank God for his grace when neither Valium nor general anesthesia is readily available.

  4. i didn’t realize so many people were so uncomfortable with a young professional. This blog was surprising to me.
    I can appreciate your point that sometimes transitioning quickly is the best thing but as a younger person myself the example used was somewhat insulting.
    And I believe that the last line comparing a texting driver not paying attention to good things coming up fast was a bit insensitive.

  5. Erica none of this was meant to insult younger people. Guess what… once upon a time I was the young doctor myself and I’ve had people ask me how old I was, how long I had been practicing, and even point out, “You’re not Dr so and so.” Of course a young person is capable of doing a great job. But a young person also has less experience than someone who has been in the field longer. As someone who has done surgery and dental procedures I can assure you the more times you’ve done a procedure the more proficient you become. And that comes with time and therefore age.

    And who is the last line insensitive to? To the person getting rear ended? (Because surely you can’t be defending texting drivers who aren’t paying attention and rear end others.) Less than 2 weeks ago I was rear ended by someone who wasn’t paying attention and I think the line is funny despite the fact that I still have whiplash and have yet to receive help from the other guy’s insurance company. If by ‘insensitive’ you meant it’s offensive to compare something good to something bad I just meant something good can come up on you fast without any hint (just like something bad) because sometimes God moves suddenly.

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