Do Something Good

Every so often, I hear something truly inspiring.

Like the other day, when I heard an interview over the radio with legendary Christian singer Amy Grant.  Surprisingly enough, she didn’t talk about her latest record or her marriage to the also famous Vince Gill or the newest project she was embarking on.  Instead, she talked about the difficult stage in life that she’s facing – caring for aging parents.

As Amy did so, she sounded so refreshingly down to earth, so humble, so much like… us!

Hers was a heart-breaking, heart-warming narrative, speckled with funny anecdotes and delivered with a mix of sweet melancholy, peace-filled resignation and godly trust.

One of those anecdotes stuck with me like sweet honey and moved me to the core.  It was about a particular visit Amy had had with her mother at the Alzheimer’s center where the older woman presently lives.  Towards the end of the visit, Amy’s mom asked, “So what are you going to do today?”

“I’m going to sing at a concert, Mom.”

No longer aware of her daughter’s fame, she replied, “Well, that’s nice.  You go and do something good, ok?”

Such a simple charge to such a talented person.  Yet so poignant.

I could picture the scene.  Amy Grant sitting by her mom, whispering a simple “yes, ma’am” in response, while squeezing the frail hand, not in the least perturbed by the lack of acknowledgement of fame, but utterly dejected by the absence of memories.

The interviewed ended and a song began to play.  I wiped my eyes as I pondered over what I had just heard.  This time I pictured God’s hand tenderly squeezing my shoulder, encouraging me to forget about my obsession over my limitations, my selfish excuses, my thirst for acknowledgement and all other self-devised complications so that I can be free to just go and do something –  anything  –  good for someone else.

No matter how seemingly imperfect, simple or insignificant, my heart longs to heed the call to go and do something good, something worthwhile, something that makes a difference, something that brings glory to God.

How about you?

Galatians 6:9, Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.


Author: ana

I'm Ron's wife and the proud mother of 3 adult children: Gracie, Ronnie and Nick. A native of beautiful Guatemala City, I work as a Spanish court interpreter. I love to read, write and tell others about God's love.

7 thoughts on “Do Something Good”

  1. Isn’t that so true! We were designed in the image of God and so doesn’t it make perfect sense that our hearts would be filled from giving to others? Loved this! Thanks for sharing.

  2. …and yet it is the most simple things that mean so much – thanks for sharing your thoughts in such a way to inspire action – I like it, let’s all go and do ‘something’ good! 🙂

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