Count Your Blessings!

Last week we moved my Mom here from Texas.  What should have been a quick flight there turned into my own personal version of “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”, without the trains.

We flew into Dallas to meet our connecting flight on Friday, only to find that it had been cancelled due to the icy weather.  After stumbling around the Dallas airport (Have you been there? Not flyer friendly at all.) we finally found a line to stand in.  After more than an hour in line we found out they could get us a flight to Midland…on Sunday.  Wow.  Not relishing the thought of spending almost two days in the airport we decided to drive, after all, it was only 5 hours by road.

Getting a rental car proved to be challenging at 11 pm on a Friday night.  Due to the mass of flight cancellations all of the agencies were fresh out of cars.  We stood in 5 lines, but finally found a car in the 6th line.  Keys in hand we slipped our way to the little Yaris and began our journey.

Which, to be quite frank, was terrifying.  It was cold, and icy, and I’m certain our guardian angels were working overtime on our behalf!  We made it as far as Eastland, Texas, where we came to a full stop in the middle of the freeway, behind a line of cars and trucks ahead of us.  When dawn broke we finally found out that three semi’s had overturned and it was taking forever for the crews to get it managed.  We spent a total of seven hours on that freeway, waiting!

Desperate for the bathroom, and food, we noticed we were right next to an on-ramp and those golden arches beckoned us.  My husband managed to turn the car around and get down the ramp, then we turned into the McDonalds.  Thankfully, we were able to continue our journey and made it to my Mom’s house just fine.

When something like this happens, when plans don’t go the way we think it should, when life intervenes and throws you a curveball, it’s so easy to give our attention to the ‘bad’ side and focus on what didn’t go right.  But if we do that, we could very well miss the blessings that God intended for us all along.

  • We were blessed by the woman on the tram at the airport who told us how to find a line to stand in.
  • We were blessed by the fact that forcing us to stop on that freeway allowed us to get some much needed sleep.
  • We were blessed by the man in the white pickup truck stuck in front of us, who offered us pop-tarts to eat at first light.
  • We were blessed by the McDonald’s employees who took the time to give us an alternate route so that we could get back on the road.
  • We were blessed because the rest of the drive went without incident or interruption.

There’s a hymn that I’d like to leave you with, because it’s important as Christians that we ‘Count our Blessings”   (make sure to turn on your volume!)


Kathy W

3 thoughts on “Count Your Blessings!”

  1. Really enjoyed meeting you on Sunday. I agree with what you’ve said…often in the midst of challenging circumstances, “angels” appear with a smile, some help, or what you need. This just happened to me Friday night…someone I didn’t know who shared a laugh with me about some trying circumstances. Thanks.

  2. Oh, Kathy, what an ordeal! But you’re right, if we look closely, we can see the hand of God guiding and helping us, even in the midst of the craziest of circumstances. And for that we can be grateful. I love the hymn!

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