God’s Slingshot

Has anyone had any setbacks in the past 6 months?  I have but I also have an odd (supernatural) peace about it.

The setback escalated as I stepped back into something God wanted me to do and then it worsened even more as I stepped into something new that I feel God brought me to.

It’s a test but one where God is reminding me along the way, “Don’t get rattled, don’t lose your peace, don’t declare lack.  The devil wants you to step into the flesh by complaining to people.  Just let it play out.  Man is not your provider (of health, peace, finances, etc).  I am Jehovah Jireh the LORD your provider.  I am Jehovah Rapha the LORD your healer.”

If you’re in my type of situation right now, think of it this way.  You’re a pebble in a slingshot.  In your circumstances you’re getting farther and farther away from where you began.  As the slingshot is being pulled back, you feel like you’re losing ground and are worse off than when you started.  But there’s a point when God will release the slingshot and suddenly you will be propelled further than where you began.

So don’t lose your peace.  It may feel like something bad is happening to you.  But despite how far back you have been moved God is working it all out for you.  Instead of worrying ask God how you can prepare to be propelled.


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