Have you ever been inspired by a special someone – a friend, a leader, a family member – someone whose words or actions encourage you to change your ways, to aim higher?

I’ve found that inspiration comes in everyday situations that I could so easily miss if I were not open to it. I’ve also learned that the people who inspire me the most are those who act in the opposite way I usually do. Their manner of speech, their reactions, their perspective, their kindness, levelheadedness, assertiveness or humility confront me in a way that cannot be denied, exposing an ugliness in me I might’ve not even been aware of before.

For me, the process seems to follow a certain order of events: shock, realization, shame, determination. I have to work through my feelings of shame first before I can arrive to the more productive feeling of determination, brought in by a decision to change and to believe that, by God’s grace, I actually can!

Unless I come to that pivotal place in my heart and in my mind, I’ve been merely wowed. Real inspiration is that magical moment when I say to myself, “I want to be like her. God, help me!” In the hope that, maybe, one day I’ll inspire someone to act just like me.

Ah, the wonders of God’s work in one’s life never cease to amaze me!


Author: ana

I'm Ron's wife and the proud mother of 3 adult children: Gracie, Ronnie and Nick. A native of beautiful Guatemala City, I work as a Spanish court interpreter. I love to read, write and tell others about God's love.

4 thoughts on “Inspired”

  1. I have been blessed to have someone in my life to inspire me. Someone who when i look at how she acts or reacts makes me think how I could handle situations differently, in a more Christ like way.

  2. I love watching the Women of our church. We have some amazing leaders who other women look up to on a daily basis. I love watching them and think to myself, I want to be like them someday. I have a lot of growing still to do, but I’m watching and growing daily!!

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