Our Good Shepherd

In the 18 years I’ve been a Christian I’ve accused God many times.  “Why aren’t You helping?”  “You allowed this to happen so it’s Your fault.”  “You made so & so who did such & such, so that’s all Your fault too.”  It’s ugly, I know.  I finally realized that when His word and my circumstances don’t match up I, and my circumstances, need a greater revelation of Him.  Unlike our circumstances that change and aren’t always as they seem, God is unchanging and His word is always true.

One thing that I finally settled in my heart as true is that the Shepherd doesn’t hurt the sheep.  (God opened my eyes to this on my birthday this week!)  Just envision a human shepherd for a moment.  Does he infect his sheep with disease or inflict them with wounds?  Does he kick them out of the flock and tell them to never return?  I can’t imagine a good shepherd doing that.  How much better is Jesus as Shepherd to His sheep.

My favorite verse about Him as Shepherd is Isaiah 40:11:  “He tends His flock like a Shepherd: He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart; He gently leads those that have young” (NIV).  I imagine Him tenderly putting His face against the lambs as He embraces them.

But the devil has many ways to try and convince people that God is against them; that He’s the One hurting His own sheep.  And if you’re convinced of that, then you may accuse God as I’ve done so many times.  But God is for us.  He’s our Redeemer, Provider, Healer, Strength, Righteousness, and Defense.  So if this issue is unsettled in your heart as it was in mine, settle it.  The Shepherd doesn’t hurt the sheep.  We’re the lambs He holds close to His heart.


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