On a Sunday Morning…

Sitting here on a Sunday morning, watching people filter in, makes me wonder at the grace of God.

I’m a people watcher, a by-product of my naturally shy personality, and I do admit that I’m happiest when sitting off alone obscurely watching the world around me. You can learn a lot by quietly watching the people that make up your world, and sometimes what I see amazes me.

People are funny creatures. Some people amble in slowly, almost hesitant to find a seat, making a beeline for those lone seats set off in the corner. Others barrel in like a tidal wave, full of themselves and determined to make a splash, grabbing everyone’s attention with their exuberant greetings and grand displays of affection. There are those who prefer to hang out in the lobby until the last possible moment, squeezing in as late as they possibly can get away with.

The church welcomes all sorts of people…there are talkers and loners, exuberant children, Mom’s and Dad’s, friends and family members, those that are single and those who are not. There are people who are grumpy by nature, those who are like a breath of fresh air, quiet people, loud people, and everyone in between. People from all walks of life filter in to the house of God and take their places and I cannot help but marvel at the grace of God.

All of these people are different, unique beings created by God, each one with personalities and life experiences that are theirs alone. They’ve faced trials and experienced blessings that I could never dream of, and yet we all share one thing in common.

We’ve all come to church this morning with one goal in mind. When the music starts our voices will rise to give thanks to the One who loved us so much that He died for us.

And for a little while, just a little, all of these people who lead separate lives will become one. No longer separate but the church, the people of God, brothers and sisters in Christ, united by our love for God. With one voice we will lift our voices to praise the God who not only created us, but saved us, and for that brief moment we will touch the throne of God together as a family, united by the grace that is God’s and God’s alone.

And I am thankful for the grace of God.



Kathy W

3 thoughts on “On a Sunday Morning…”

  1. I love this line:
    And for a little while, just a little, all of these people who lead separate lives will become one.

  2. There truly is nothing else like the body of Christ. Your words brought tears to my eyes by putting me in a place to remind me of HIS majesty. Thank you, Kathy, as this was beautiful.

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