Love-Letters from God

I am often amazed at how much God loves me, and just how personal my relationship with Him is. I love that God knows me intimately, so much so that He often just blesses me for no other reason than He wants to.

God’s gifts are perfect, perfectly suited to who I am and where I am at in the different stages of my life. His gifts are personal, meant to bless me, and while may not mean a whole lot to someone else they mean everything to me.

For instance, when my husband and I went to Maui for the first time I really really wanted seashells. We had been told that sometimes it was hard to find them, so the first time we went out to the beach I prayed, I asked God to bring me a shell.

Now, I’ve been met with skeptics over the years, people who laugh and think I’m nuts to ask God for a seashell, because it seems so trifle compared to the ‘big’ issues the world is facing. But no sooner had my foot touched the water than a perfect little shell washed up next to me! I was amazed. I rejoiced at His gift, because that’s what it truly was. He didn’t have to bless my prayer, but He did, and over the following week he poured out tons of shells into my eager hands, truly my cup ran over with the blessings He gave.

He blessed me because He loves me, just as a father loves his daughter, and He knew the joy that would fill my heart at such an intimate, thoughtful gift.

I said all that to say this, are you longing for some sign that God loves you? God loves you so much that he longs to bless you, all you need to do is look around and find the love-letters He is sending you. They are intimate and personal and designed to fill your heart with joy.

Love & Blessings,

Kathy Wereb

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