Being Salt and Light…just what does that mean?

The Bible tells us in Matthew 5:13-16 that we are to be the salt and light of the earth. I wonder sometimes just what that means.

Let’s think about ‘being salt.’ Salt has so many applications in our lives. It not only preserves items, but it makes them tasty and appetizing as well. Salt also keeps ants away from your shelves, can clean your brass items, soothes a bee sting and a multitude of other surprising uses. So, what am I saying?

If we are to be the ‘salt of the Earth’, then we must be willing to preserve others from the gates of Hell, help keep the bad elements from taking up residence in lives, make an effort to work with people to help them shine up their lives and reach out to those who have been hurt by people or circumstances. But the most important part of ‘being salt’ is filling our lives up so full of Christ that our walk with the Lord is tasty, appetizing and attractive to the people we come in contact with. Our relationship with Jesus should be so evident that others want what we have.

Now, let’s think about being the ‘light of the world’. What does light do? The simple answer is that it allows us to see. But light is so much more than sight! It brings warmth to cold places. It promotes healthy plants and well being in animals and humans. A single pin point of light can shine brightly in the darkest room, breaking the darkness apart completely.

We, as Christians, are called to be that light that shines in the darkened world we live in. We are to be a beacon of hope, a lighthouse that leads poor sinners to salvation before they are broken on the shores of this wicked world we live in. We are to reach out in warmth, reviving souls to the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Being salt and light is the essence of who we are as Christians. This principle should underlie everything we do, no matter if we are doing “church business” or simply living our everyday lives.

We must take the time to ask ourselves… is our life so full of Christ that the people around us can not only see a difference in how we live, but want the same ‘thing’ we have? Are we a beacon of light in a dark world, or do we blend in too well?


Kathy W.

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