New Year…Blessings.

The holiday season is winding down.  With Christmas safely tucked away for next year it’s time to look ahead to new beginnings.  2013 is quickly approaching, and to many of us that means one thing…New Year Resolutions.  Whether you love them or hate them, almost everyone makes them.

Some of them are funny, some are serious, some are made just to get a laugh, but in the end, how many of us actually keep them?

You know what I mean.  I don’t know how many times I’ve made them, only to break them, sometimes merely days later!  It’s not always for lack of trying.  I’ve made some resolutions that are whoppers, so big and life-changing that it made me tired just thinking of them.  It’s almost as if I set myself up for failure because there is no humanly way to accomplish them, and then I spend the next days or even months with a big patch of regret sitting on my heart.

That’s why I decided a few years ago to never make one again.

Over the years this decision has evolved into something else, a new tradition that takes place as we usher in the New Year.  Instead of making resolutions, I simply count my blessings instead.

This is what I will leave you with as we enter 2013.

Take a few moments to look back on the previous year, take stock of both the good and the bad, and then simply thank God for it all.  That’s right.  Even the bad is cause to praise Him because it’s through those rough patches that you often will see the most growth in your life.  You can do it all in one lump, or make a written list and praise Him for each event, or person, that touched your life in 2012, but make sure to include both the good and the bad.

When you’ve finished with last year, move on to the next.  Bathe your coming year in prayer; ask God for His wisdom in your decisions, His peace in situations that will arise, and His love to overshadow every person you will come in contact with.  Praise Him ahead of time for everything and anything that you will face, and when you’ve finished you can look forward without regret to what the New Year will bring.

After all, resolutions are made to be broken, wouldn’t you rather be blessed instead?


Love & Blessings, Kathy W.



2 thoughts on “New Year…Blessings.”

  1. Nice idea Kathy! I too gave up on New Year’s Resolutions quite a while ago. For the past couple of years I have had a word for the year. I have heard of others doing this and think it’s a great idea. I’ve done it for two years now. I pray about a word starting sometime after Christmas and into January; by the end of January I seem to settle on a word. I find some ways to remind me of that word, like buy a little thing that has the word on it. Then I see how the word turns up in the year. It’s interesting the two years I have done this even though I’ve not made any huge effort to pursue more with the word it seems there is more of the word in my life. God is so good!

    Have a blessed 2013!

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