Time Outs Aren’t Just for Kids

I’m supposed to be writing a blog.

At the moment, I am staring at the computer screen and wondering what I should say.

Perhaps I should be dramatic and flamboyant, thrilling any would-be readers with tales from the past? Or maybe I should be more spiritual and deliver a thought provoking essay on living for Christ? Something funny perhaps, sure to bring laughter and joy that will lift your spirits and have you chuckling for hours?


What if I say nothing?

In a world that stays busy 24 hours a day perhaps the best thing to say is nothing. Take a break from life and just sit and do…nothing. No cell phones, no computers, no televisions or radios. No books or newspapers or friends over to chat. Nothing but…nothing.

Have you ever seen a child throw a tantrum? I mean a full-fledged- throw -yourself -on -the -floor -screaming –at- the- top- of- your- lungs tantrum? Have you ever thought that perhaps they need a time out?

God says in Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God…”

I believe God is telling us we need a time-out.

Think about it. What is the purpose of a time-out? We put the child in an area devoid of all distractions so that they can rest, relax, and regroup; and hopefully they come out with a renewed attitude of respect and rightness toward not only their parents, but to the world in general.

I think we sometimes are that child throwing the tantrum, our senses overloaded and confused by the busyness of our lives. We become so saturated with the world that we begin to whine and complain and take God for granted. But it’s at this point that we have a choice, unlike our children.

When God says, “Honey, it’s time to take a time-out,” what do we do? Do we fight it, and refuse to go to the time-out corner? Or do we go, even though everything within us wants to rebel, and plop ourselves down into the chair to wait for our time to be up?

So maybe, just maybe, nothing is really something. Because even in our time-out corner God is with us, tenderly holding us close in His arms, rocking us, kissing us gently on our foreheads, whispering, “Be still and know that I am God.”

One thought on “Time Outs Aren’t Just for Kids”

  1. I need a time out often! I think that this is a great post Kathy. Quite time is a priceless option that can help in so many ways! Thank you for the reminder!

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