Proverbs 22:6 and one part of VCNP’s heart for children…

” Train  a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it”…

Have you ever really stopped to think about the power behind this promise? I know it still gives me goosebumps even as I read it. Having had several “surrogate” children come through our lives and having to say farewell to many of them(with out the certainty of their future)  it is a promise I grab onto and hold tight to.

One of the things that I adore about the upcoming ” Single Mom Spa Day” is the fact that not only do we get to love on the Mom’s with no strings, but we also get to have charge of their little ones. This is the heart behind Children’s Church in  our weekly church services and also those for those in charge of the Children for the Single Mom’s Spa Day.

I have asked my dear friend, Lory Fasula  (who is an overseer for Children’s Care for Spa Day along with Katie Bremerthon ) to be a guest blogger and share her heart about overseeing The Spa Day Children , her time serving in Children’s Ministry and Overseeing the kids for us at Women’s First Wednesday.


What strikes me about this verse is that we all (as God’s community) get to play a part in God’s plan for a child, His child. This verse standing on its own can be very daunting to a parent.

But the good news is that it does not have to be an individual effort.

We can come along side each other to encourage & strengthen in this task of “training up”.

Having worked in various capacities in VC’s Children’s Ministry over the years has given me the chance to be that encourager to families. I’ve had opportunities to pray with parents when dealing with life’s trials & rejoice in answered prayer or pray over a child when I sense a need. I may not ever know the outcome but am humbled to be able to play a small part. Particularly during Single Mom’s Spa Day it is so gratifying to see these women who come in in the morning looking as if the weight of the world is on their shoulders (& having been a single mom I know that is very often the feeling) to total transformation at the end of the day.

There is a lightness to their step, a shine on their face and tears of joy as they share what a few kindnesses have done for their outlook. They look at their children with a new appreciation in their eyes & leave with a determination in their step & I know we have done our part by simply giving of our time.

This is no small thing.

I encourage each of you to pray & ask God how He might use you to “train up a (His) child”.


Lory Fasula

Author: Rebecca Turrigiano

Rebecca has been a member of Vineyards around the world since 1997. She and her husband Matthew joined VCNP in 2008, after spending 4 years as Pastors with Bristol Vineyard in the United Kingdom. She currently over sees the Single Moms' Spa Day which is an annual event.

4 thoughts on “Proverbs 22:6 and one part of VCNP’s heart for children…”

  1. Well put Rebecca and Lory. This verse used to scare the joy of motherhood right out of me. It was daunting that I had to raise up my children, and part of that was because even though I was married, my husband didn’t have the luxury of helping. I was one of those parents with the weight of the world on my shoulders, and I came to VC because I knew I needed God’s help (that was Sept. 2007). Now I can say that this verse blesses my socks off, and I cling to it as well. VC has helped me release the legalistic means of religion, and given me the grace of God’s undying love for me. Looking back, I see that serving in the Vineyard Kids helped me recognize the innocense of all the children and helped me to reach out to those children who may not have ever felt it before. By extending His love for them, He broke down those walls of legalism and revealed His love for me. I love these kids now. I look forward to seeing their little faces. Serving them has helped me become a better wife and mother, which is exactly the person God created me to be. <3

  2. As a previous single mom just knowing someone cared about me and my kids would have meant so much. So nice to see such hearts for Christ and being able to serve alongside them!

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