God of the ‘Somehow’

I think we’ve all been in situations where things weren’t going to pan out unless God intervened.  Those are the times when we pray things like, “Lord, I don’t know how this can work out but can You work it out somehow?”

About 10 years ago there was a small group I wanted to attend but it was on Thursday mornings and I worked Thursdays.  I wasn’t in a seniority position at work so I didn’t feel like I could ask my boss to rearrange all three veterinarian’s schedules to suit me.  So I prayed that God would somehow work it out.

About a month later my boss wanted to talk with me.  She had come up with a new schedule and I now had Thursday mornings off.  I was so excited and amazed!  I didn’t have the power to change my schedule at work but I had a mission impossible God on my side!!

Since then I’ve been in more ‘work it out somehow’ situations and I’m in one now.  I’m sure some of you are also in a seemingly impossible situation.  Please remember that what is impossible with man is possible with God (Mt 19:26, Lk 1:37).  And on top of that, He loves you AND He’s for you!

I feel like a little kid jumping up and down with excitement waiting to get a present… or cake and ice cream (with lots of caramel sauce)!  I’m so excited to see how my amazing God will work out my current situation according to His perfect will.  And work it out He will because He loves me, He’s for me, and He’s God of the ‘somehow’.


5 thoughts on “God of the ‘Somehow’”

  1. Abba, I take my stand along side my beautiful sister and we look with eager anticipation at our big, beautiful, wonderful Abba God. Looking to catch site of your answer from heaven. Help us to see.

  2. I’m jumping up and down right along side you! I’m so excited to see what amazing things God is planning for your life. I love that He gives us more than we can even imagine for ourselves! We are so blessed!

  3. Love this. Seeing what God is doing with His kids. For me, I’ve been saying,”Abba, I really don’t know how to do this.” Then I watch in awesome wonder as He does it in a way I would never have thought or guessed. It’s exciting!

  4. God Bless!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! I have been going thru a similar situation of complete dependency on my Lord (though it should always be that way, I’m trying). He showed me the miracles today 🙂 I LOVE MY ABBA!!!! No one Greater.

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