Single Mom’s Spa Day -May,21st 2011

I have been a part of our wonderful for church for 3 years in June. My husband, 4 sons and I moved from Bristol, England where we spent 4 years as Pastors with the Bristol Vineyard.

I have been a part of our wonderful for church for 3 years in June.

My husband, 4 sons and I moved from Bristol, England where we spent 4 years as Pastors with the Bristol Vineyard.

One of the things I personally became involved in was the huge population of very young single mom’s. A few of us teamed up with a support group in one of the local neighborhoods and we would go and give the young “mums” a day where they were pampered.

A day they could receive and refuel.

A day that the Lord could, without any hidden agenda, touch them in a very real way.

These women only needed an affirming word and not to feel judged. We wanted them to be proud of their decision to have gone through with their pregnancy when so much of the world tells them otherwise.

The woman in charge of the support center was completely shocked that we didn’t charge them for this service, and when I explained we wanted to bless them, she was silent and bewildered. It was a wonderful success and we went back a few months later to do another one.I know that God left a fingerprint on all those young moms and I personally feel blessed through that experience.

When I first arrived in Arizona, I was approached by Alecia Manes who had been successfully running an outreach for the VCNP called Single Mom’s Spa Day. Small world, and wonderful timing I thought! We had lunch together and I learned about this now 14 year ministry that she and a handful of other faithful women had started with 10 moms… I was so excited to hear how God’s hand was obviously in this and was delighted when she asked me to join the team. Like the outreach in Bristol, there was no charge for this day. The entire core team were excited about the idea of reaching out to women not just in the church but outside as well.To really focus on becoming an outreach, much in the same way the compassion ministry works. To reach women who were in the sex industry, victims of spousal abuse, recovering from drug and alcohol addition, HIV and AIDS positive mom’s and teen moms. We asked the Lord to bring half of the women from outside of the church, and in 2009 that is exactly what happened! He did it!!

We had 250 women come, and 125 of them were from outside the church!!! I had never witnessed anything like it.

Women were crying with gratefulness at being given a day where they are simply loved on. No hidden agenda, no surprise attacks or “Accept Jesus or else!” moments. Simply stepping out of the way, and allowing the Holy Spirit to minister with our actions and words of affirmation. Being an ear for them to be heard, and offering prayer if the Holy Spirit suggests it.I love that our church is willing to get messy and love those people that some may be afraid to love. I love that we invite everyone to come as they are, and yet be challenged to allow God to make you into more than you will ever expect to be.

Transforming ordinary people into extraordinary followers of Christ.

It is overwhelming to lock hands with our fellow sisters before the day starts and see the over 100 women serving together.

Striving to be 1 Corinthians 13 and allow God to use us to love on His people.

We get to do it again on May 21st and we cannot wait to see what God has in store this year!!!

Thank you VCNP for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful family.


Rebecca Turrigiano

Author: Rebecca Turrigiano

Rebecca has been a member of Vineyards around the world since 1997. She and her husband Matthew joined VCNP in 2008, after spending 4 years as Pastors with Bristol Vineyard in the United Kingdom. She currently over sees the Single Moms' Spa Day which is an annual event.

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  1. “Doing Kingdom Living!” Sounds like Jesus to me. What a beautiful selfless way to extend the unconditional love of Christ to others who, like us, are broken and in need of the “washing of our feet.” It is when we extend that love – that unconditional pure love – I believe we have no idea the extent of the ripple effect in the Kingdom. Thank you God, for what You do through VC. Thank you Rebecca, for such a beautiful post!

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